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“My Christmas Wish”

I have not thought about Christmas yet, I will not say more about the Christmas tree because this year was such a year that I think it would not be a little nice to put the Christmas tree. But I think I will expect a small gift from Santa Claus mentioned in quotes. But I hope that in the coming years we will not have such difficult days, sad days, we will celebrate our New Year, which is expected once a year.

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New Year in America

While Southern California doesn’t have the snow and cold that ushers in the Christmas spirit for most of the United States, there are still a ton of great events that allow you to get into the holiday spirit. While I cannot speak for the epic celebrations in Northern California, here are my favorite ways to enjoy the holiday season in Southern California.

The Mission Inn Festival of Lights

The Mission Inn is one of the premier holiday light events in Southern California. Every year this famous hotel gets wholly decked out in Christmas lights, and it is a unique and free night for the whole family to enjoy called The Festival of Lights. You can walk through the hotel and see their inside decorations or simply walk around the outside and up Main Street to enjoy pictures with Santa, and all of the festive food treats you can eat. This is a great holiday tradition to create with your family as it is a free event that you can make as long or as short as you would like. I believe this is still happening in 2020 but that there are not going to be any vendors or other things to do around the lights.


Disneyland is especially fun during December as the park goes all out with lots of different Christmas decorations. The Haunted Mansion gets transformed with Nightmare Before Christmas add ons and It’s a Small World becomes very festive as well. Go early in December to avoid the lines though. You can read more hereUnfortunately, Disneyland is still closed.

Ice Skating at Pershing Square in Los Angeles

pershing square

Usually open from mid-November to mid-January, this large ice rink right in the center of LA is in its 17th season of bringing a little cold weather fun to sunny Southern California. This is a great place to hang out with friends, enjoy Christmas Concerts and events, and ice skate. I love making the trek down here as it’s a fun way to pretend like you live in a city where ice actually does freeze on the ground, without having to drive in it. I believe this is closed for the 2020 season.

Hotel Del Coronado – Ice Skating & Upside Down Tree

In San Diego, you can ice skate overlooking the beach and ocean at the famous Hotel Del Coronado. It is a very California Christmas thing to do to combine the beach with ice skating. Again, there is not an ice skating rink this year.

They also have a beautiful upside-down tree in the lobby that you should check out as well.

Griffith Park Holiday Train Ride


For a small fee, you can head over to the Griffith Park Trains and take a 10-minute ride around the 1-mile track. The track is filled with Christmas lights and other things to look at, and the train goes slow, providing a lot of time to look around. The train is a super fun thing to do for the whole family that is less than the price of a movie ticket. Check out the video below of the entire train ride so you can see what it entails.

Read more about the train ride hereAccording to their website this is not running currently.

Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena

North of Pasadena, in the town of Altadena, Christmas Tree Lane is a holiday tradition that has been running for over 90 years. This street comes alive every Christmas with its massive cedar trees getting beautiful lights strung on them for people to drive under and see. Read more about it here.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios celebrates Christmas with an entire area dedicated to the Grinch called Grinchmas. It is a lot of fun as they have a Who-biliation celebration at night where the Grinch comes out and the light the tree. Harry Potter’s Wizarding World also has Christmas decorations and there is a Christmas light show as well. Read more about it hereUniversal Studios is still closed in 2020.

Logan’s Candy Cane Making Demonstration

Logans Candies 6

You have eaten a candy cane I am sure, but have you ever seen how they are made? Logan’s Candies is a unique shop with 80 years of history that is still making candy canes the same way they were in 1933. During the Christmas season, they have excellent free demonstrations that will show you how the candy cane is made from start to finish. After the presentation, for $1.50, you can even get a warm candy cane that you can mold however your heart sees fit, it is sure to be a fun adventure for the whole family and may also become a new tradition. More information hereAccording to their website, it seems like they will still be doing demonstrations.

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Destination B1 Unit 11 (Passive 2), ex. A-E

  1. The carnival lorry is being driven by a clown.
  2. The lorry has been decorated with lots of flowers.
  3. The gorilla has been given a banana by the pirate.
  4. Everyone watching is going to be given a balloon by the astronaut.
  5. The best song might be sung by the cowboy.
  6. Have the costumes been bought from a fancy-dress shop?


Look at the picture again and circle the correct word.


Complete using by or with.


Complete each second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write no more than four words.


  1. Nos the housework are done by all family members.
  2. The food was cooked by her father.
  3. Lisa’s dad had been helped by Lisa.
  4. Until about year ago, the shopping was done by her mother.
  5. Since then, most of the shopping had been done by Lisa.
  6. No, it was done with internet.
  7. It, was done every day by her brother.
  8. The floors was done with a really old brush.
  9. Lisa thinks a vacuum cleaner must be used a sister.

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Student’s Book. Homework

IT vocabulary

1. Circle the correct words.

1. go / have online 8. key / delete a message

2. post / file a message 9. open / install an attachment

3. install / key in your password 10. post / buy an app

4. install / go a program 11. upload / activate flight mode

5. attach / activate a file 12. have / go network coverage

6. download / go a file

2. Match the verbs with the nouns. Make as many combinations as you can.

a message| a photo| flight mode |a password |an attachment |a program |a file |an app

0. install – install a program / an app

1. attach – a file / a photo

2. download – a file / a program/an attachment

3. upload – an attachment/a photo / a program/a file / an app

4. open – an attachment / an app

5. post – a message

6. delete – a message / a photo / an attachment / a program / a file / an app

7. activate – flight mode

8. key in – a password

Passive tenses

1. Complete the sentences from the conversations with the verb forms. is being repaired| was taken| is installed.

1. The photo was taken on a safari trip.

2. Just click on it and the program is installed automatically.

3. The network is being repaired out here.

2. Rewrite the sentences in the passive.

0. Someone posted a message. – A message was posted.

1. Someone is downloading a program. – A program is being downloaded by someone.

2. Someone has installed a new program. – A new program has been installed by someone.

3. Someone has keyed in the password. – The password has been keyed in by someone.

4. Someone is repairing the anti-virus software. – The anti-virus software is being repaired by someone.

5. Someone deleted the message. – The message was deleted by someone.

3. Describe one of these processes using the passive.

• downloading an app to your mobile phone

• uploading a photo to a social networking site

• installing a program on your computer

An app is being downloaded to my mobile phone.

A photo is being uploaded to social networking site.

A program is being installed on my computer.


Asking for and offering help

1. Complete the words in the sentences.

1. Have you got a free minutes?

2. Can I help you?

3. Can you I… to me a help?

4. Could you help me with something?

5. Do you need any help?

2. Put the dialogue in order.

MIMI: I said that I was going to tidy it after I’d done my homework.

MIMI: What deal?

MIMI: Could you help me with my homework?

MIMI: That’s the same deal we had before!

MIMI: But you said you’d help me.

MIMI: Dad, have you got a few minutes?

DAD: Tidy your room and then I’ll lend you a hand with your homework.

DAD: And you said you’d tidy your room – remember?

DAD: That depends. What do you want?

DAD: I’m sorry but I’m a bit busy.

DAD: So I’ll make you a deal.

MIMI: Dad, have you got a few minutes?

DAD: That depends. What do you want?

MIMI: Could you help me with my homework?

DAD: I’m sorry but I’m a bit busy.

MIMI: But you said you’d help me.

DAD: And you said you’d tidy your room – remember?

MIMI: I said that I was going to tidy it after I’d done my homework.

DAD: So I’ll make you a deal.

MIMI: What the deal?

DAD: Tidy your room and then I’ll lend you a hand with your homework.

MIMI: That’s the same deal we had before!

IT vocabulary

1. Match the sentence halves.

Have you seen that Brian has posted – f. another message on the school website?

Before you start you have to key – h. in your password.

I’m having a problem installing – d. this problem. Can you help.

Send me the photo. You can attach – a. all my holiday photos online.

I’m going to upload – g. it to an email.

I’m sorry I deleted your – b. message can you send it again?

I’m not sure how to activate – c. the flight mode on this tablet.

It’s taking ages to download – e. this file it’s really big.

Passive tenses

1. Rewrite the sentences using the passive.

1. Five people have posted new messages on my website.

Five new messages have been posted on my website.

2. Someone uploaded the video onto YouTube.

The video was uploaded onto YouTube by someone.

3. Someone had already keyed in my password.

My password had already been keyed in by someone.

4. Two million people have downloaded this video.

This video has been downloaded by two million people.

5. No one activated the flight mode.

The flight mode was activated by no one.

6. The program is attaching the file to the message.

The file is being attached to the message by the program.


1. Complete the dialogue with words in the list.

files | said I | buy | has accessed | said he| passwords| has been | delete | installed| is being | then

LIAM: My computer has been hacked.

KATE: What do you mean, ‘hacked’?

LIAM: Someone is being my computer from another computer.

KATE: Really? How do you know?

LIAM: A program has been installed, that has deleted loads of my files.

KATE That’s terrible.

LIAM: And all my passwords have been stolen too.

KATE: So what are you going to do?

LIAM: My computer is being looked at by an expert at the moment. He

said he could hopefully delete the program.

KATE: And if he can’t?

LIAM: He said I‘d have to buy new computer.

KATE: Well, if you do, remember to buy some antivirus software.

LIAM: Yes, and then create some new passwords!

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English homework. Friendships.

10.11.20 Answer following questions with at least 3 sentences for each:

1. How are your friendships different now than they were when you were a child?

I can not say how our company is different, I think it should be said by people who see me how I make friends with people, they should say whether our company  My and Maga is different.

2. What factors may result in the breakdown of a good friendship?

Meaningless arguments, character traits can prevent you from making better friends.

3. What qualities do you think are important in a friend?

The fact that one trusts the other, does not lie in any matter, always remains a loyal friend.

4. How do you maintain a good friendship?

I try not to offend my friends, I trust him, I make jokes so that he is not suddenly offended even though he likes my jokes very much, that's how I try to keep the company.

5. Do you believe your parents should be your friends?

I want to be honest. No! I do not believe it because there are some questions that make parents angry instead of pointing them in the right direction.
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Homework. Workbook(p.7)

Take this medicine and you’ll fell better in half an hour.

I always get sick when I travel by car.

Dad’s going to hospital to have an operation next week.

Can you phone the doctor and make an appointment for me?

Why don’t you see a doctor about your headaches?

You need to take more exercise to lose some weight.

1.Oh I hope you’ll get better soon
2. Hello I’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Hill.
3. He’s having an operation.
4. I think you need to see a doctor.
5. That dog needs to take some exercises.
6. I feel sick!

You should take more exercise.

You should better see doctor .

You need to loose some weight.

You should not eat so much.

You had to be careful.

You ought to join the gym.

1.I can’t do my homework

My advice is to put your phone in a different room and focus on doing homework.

2.I’m bored.

You can go for a walk, cuddle ,play with your pet, organize your closet, or you can just plan a party.

3.I haven’t got any money

4. I’m new at school and I don’t know anyone

You should try to talk to people on your own and ask them about themselves because people love to talk about them so you just have to ask them.